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COST: $320, or $360 with workouts 

upcharges for special requests will apply, see below for details

Register by December 10, 2022. 

Challenge begins Monday, January 2, 2022, ends Monday March 27, 2023

Make this year be the year that you STOP trying all the "DIETS." 

Learn a new lifestyle while enjoying your favorite foods. No more restriction!

This 12-week package is available with or without workouts.


Custom Macro Count

Custom Meal Plan

Event meal plan

Custom recipes to fit macro allocations

Macro adjustments

Meal plan adjustments

12 weeks of coaching

Restaurant Guide

Alcohol Tracking Guide

Shopping Lists

Weekly email check ins

4 or 5 day workout plan (available at the $360 price)

Who will WIN

The client with the most substantial change in body composition will be the selected winner. Final weight, or final weigh in photos are NOT required. 

In order to be eligible to win, Before and After photographs must be submitted.


One COMPLEMENTARY Month of Continued Coaching with Meal Plans, OR copies of all of my recipes E Books.

How to ENTER

Please send your completed Client Form and payment (plus any applicable upcharges for special requests). 

See payment methods listed below. ​Please Email forms and photographs to [email protected]

Click for new client form:

Photographs must be submitted by Jan 2, order to be eligible for the prize. You may join the challenge without including photographs (without prize eligibility).

This package is non-refundable. 

Method of PAYMENT

VENMO @Tara-Frazier-2. Please email me for Zelle or PayPal Details. 


This 12-week challenge is a fantastic to way introduce yourself to macros, shed body fat, improve your body composition, AND improve your relationship with food, establishing a balanced fit lifestyle.

This 12-week program includes a custom Meal Plan designed to fit your assigned macronutrient goals, in addition to an additional weekend or event meal plan, designed to allow for more dining out or event flexibility. Clients have an option to select this package for $320 without workouts, or for $360 including a workout plan. 

My custom Meal Plans are designed for you to meet your specific Macro Counts. NO NEED TO TRACK! I’ve done the work for you!

My plans are rather detailed and complete, providing you with a large variety of food options and recipes, in order for you to not feel restricted or deprived. 

I create your macros for you, based on your personal goal, lifestyle, background, current metabolic adaptation, and specific needs. 

I also include customized recipes into your meal plan, including both single serve recipes and family sized/big batch recipes. Most of the recipes are very basic, easy and quick options to prepare. My clients find my recipes to be extremely helpful, compared to building a meal from the provided food lists with food measurements, which you will also receive. 

After you receive your meal plan, and other materials, I encourage you to schedule a call or zoom appointment with me, in order for me answer all of your questions, and to walk you through your plan, explaining my method and philosophy.   After our initial phone call, all of my weekly check ins are done via EMAIL.

Payment and a completed New Client Form are required to register for my challenge. Method of payment: Venmo. @Tara-Frazier-2

You can access a New Client Form to complete here

I kindly request: please DO NOT provide a photo or scan of the form, including handwritten answers. 

New Client Forms must be submitted via Google Docs, Microsoft word or email. If you prefer to have a form emailed to you, please email me: [email protected]

Please NOTE: Special requests for your meal plan, including allergy restrictions, food intolerances including Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Nut Free, or any specific preferences such as Intermittent Fasting schedules, will have an upcharge, starting at $25 per request per month.

What Tara's clients are saying

If you are looking for someone to change your outlook on a diet look further. I have been working with Tara for almost a year now. In the past 10 months I have lost weight and inches. Tara has changed not only my body and physique but more importantly my relationship with food. I have since referred friends who have shared the same success. Tara provides the support and guidance that I need to stay on track while achieving my goals.